An I/O manifesto

Signal Path of the Artistic Process_sm

The process of making art is not so simple, and even more importantly, not so well understood. Stated simply, my studio is a machine, and I gently guide its function to report, process, and perhaps even alter the world as it is.

In an attempt to demonstrate the flow of this process, I give you my technical I/O diagram. This chart reveals the process of reporting from the artistic perspective, not unlike Malevich’s highly esoteric Suprematist Mirror, which boldly reduced “the world as human distinctions” to zero, in order to express the infinite possibilities of all forms of creation.

This was a rather bold statement in the time of the reductive, minimalist aesthetics of Russian constructivism. In our age of over-abundance, when more is more, and we are swimming in a sea of information and possibilities, I have tried in my own quasi-reductive manner to simply my artistic view of the world with a signal flow that demonstrates the concept of reportage from an aesthetic perspective. The artist taketh and the artist giveth, and what goes on in between has profound implications for how the artist engages the overall process of creation.

The artist coupled with the machine is a kind of sensory organ that operates on multiple levels, trying with great effort to make sense of a world gone awry, a world where not even art is to be trusted anymore, given its deep roots in the commodity culture. I prefer to turn to the purity of engineering, where a simple algorithm can unleash a world of possibilities, insight, and change. There is something supremely honest about showing relationships that can be codified and proven (however far-flung), rather than the commercial value of things which makes absolutely no sense at all.

Enough said, it’s all in the flow chart. The artist absorbs, exposes, and infiltrates and there is not much more you can say beyond that. A simple algorithm that is both liberating and endlessly functional.

Time to get to work.