After the Fire


Following his self-immolation in New Orleans in the last hours of Mardi Gras, Orf has returned to the Other World to contemplate his next visit to our troubled nation. Orf has provided a few clues from his Journal:

It is time that Orf goes South to deal with the issues of religion (what we will call fundamentalist Christianity) and spirituality and how it has played out in the history of the South (and in a larger sense, the whole country). What this has meant to relationships and the treatment of people and how it continues to play out in our nation today. The idea is to break down the components of several key [historical] events that show the need for separation of church and state and what follows when that separation is not respected. – Orf’s Journal

Orf is contemplating a rebirth of humanity in the bible-toting South, where fear is boiling, hatred is seething, a dangerous blurring of church and state, madness and reason.