Activating Networked Space


You would think that after twenty years of rapid fire evolution of the Web, that it would be more animated, more alive! But static media generally rules the space of the network: dreadfully dead menus, texts, links and images seemed hardened into the vocabulary of Web design sensibilities. Oh, there are the exceptions: those obnoxious little jittery sprites that “pretend” to activate the experience of navigation. I am reminded of Rosa Menkman’s playfully subversive Website, Sunshine in my Throat, which disrupts the natural flow by throwing elements every-which-way.


And so… as I work my way through my epic-auto-bio-media-narrative project, The Post Reality Show: Epic Mediations on Post Real Conditions, I am attempting a re-invention of what a blog is, what a Website is, what an autobiographical narrative is, what an online multimedia experience is, perhaps if I could wax even more poetically, what a “gesamtkunstbuch” is: telling stories in ways that match the dizzying speed of contemporary media life. I won’t reveal my tricks, just yet, most any Web designer knows them already, but needless to say, putting these elements to the service of the NARRATIVE, the sky is the limit.