A Fabricated Reality Based on Strategic Forgetfulness

Every day in the post reality is a new day. A fabricated reality based on the strategic design of forgetfulness to be absorbed into the media-generated narrative. How does the artist engage the techniques of the post reality? Is the artist consumed? Is it a critique? Is it ironic? Is it romantic? That is the blur… between reality and fiction, cynicism and aspiration, spectacle and art.

This forgetfulness drives the new narrative of the everyday. Replaces it. Becomes it. It lulls us into its immersive illusion. Everyone can be anything in the post-reality. Everyone can know everyone in the post-reality. Everyone can be everywhere in the post-reality. There are no boundaries in the post-reality. Nothing is real and everything is real in the post-reality. Oprah is the post reality. Facebook is the post reality. In the post reality, we are completely public, there is no longer any individuality in the post reality, everything is social, connected, immediate.