21st Century Survival Strategies

“Rumbo” by the Rick Santorum for President Campaign

Amidst the swirling, surreal political campaign of 2012, I have embarked on an ambitious campaign that brings the power of propaganda to the people, exactly where it belongs! It’s our very own People’s SuperPAC! The campaign is entitled 99 Survival Ads for Public Remix and with the participation of all media savvy practitioners, we can take back the techniques of media and disinformation and make them our own! I say: harness the power of YouTube, make Facebook a revolutionary propaganda machine, and let’s show that every one of us with our own media channel can be a dangerous artistic weapon in the face of the erosion of authenticity!

In the age of the post reality, it is time that we rise up and master the art of disinformation, lest we leave up to the politicians to define our reality. Between July 31st and November 6th, I will release 99 Survival Ads for Public Remix from my underground studio bunker in Washington, DC – one each day leading up to the election. I’ll provide legally secure, fair-use, appropriated material for download and detailed technical instructions so that everyone can construct their own ads for survival. Together, we will saturate the social media with propaganda intended to inoculate and immunize society against the reality-disorienting messages spewed out by the SuperPACS.

In these times of crisis, we do have a choice! Remix or Die!