Everything is on Trial in the Heart of Darkness

It’s not just TRUMP who is on trial, it’s EVERYTHING, as we bear witness to this epic slide into the heart of darkness. The televisual spectacle of the Impeachment Hearings, the scaled up amplification of partisan rancor that puts Watergate to shame, has been the greatest court room drama of all time, revealing every crime imaginable against the democratic system, and for that matter, humanity itself.

Deep in the Heart of Ukraine

XTreme TRUMPological Xcess abounds. In the continuing drama of the Impeachment Hearings, we see unfolding before our unbelieving eyes, a madcap diplomatic adventure in war-torn Ukraine that puts to shame even the most twisted, convoluted, edge-of-your-seat Hollywood sagas. This is one for the ages: as of yesterday, the drama zeroed in on one millionaire hotel magnate cum TRUMP Ambassador to No Good, Gordon Sondland. What a moment!

Countering the Republican Disinformation War on Reality

“I hope today shed’s light rather than generates heat.” – Jon Meacham

Here we are, the impeachment hearings, at the nexus of two opposing realities. It is not TRUMP who is on trial, it is reality itself, or at least the now anachronistic notion of a shared, collective reality. Today, we live in the post reality, in which there is no longer separation between that which is real and that which is not.

Big Brother is Tweeting You

He is a weapon of mass dissemination controlling the Network, launching digital missives that reverberate across the mediascape with thunderous retweets and likes. We are, in fact, losing the information war to a totalitarian who has taken one-way control of social media.

Crushed by Truth

This is the SHOW, the Episode, the Installment of XTreme TRUMPology he never scripted. The SHOW has now moved beyond control, as TRUMP is systematically crushed by those willing to risk everything to tell the truth. All he has left is the suspension of disbelief, as Loyalists who attempt to defend him drown in a sinking quagmire of toxic disinformation in their last gasp to hang on for dear life to the illusion of power.