Democracy vs Authoritarianism

If there is a defining argument regarding what’s at stake in this tumultuous 2020 election year, it’s boils down to this ideological polarity: Democracy vs Authoritarianism. TRUMP’s so-called populist rise to power in 2016 – defending the forgotten worker while boasting of the nostalgia of a dominant white America – has reared its ferocious head as a radical seizure of power across all branches of government.

We the People ARE the Culture

There is nothing so beautifully audacious as the artist mounting a campaign for the Washington DC Ministry of Culture, especially when it takes place in the imaginary realm of performance art. But that is what art is all about, and culture as well: art is not just about dreams, it is about vision, about modeling & testing ideas, it is a catalyst for collective action, it is about making the world a better place.

On Becoming the Great Dictator

We all knew in the beginning he was a clown, a jester, a fool, out to prove he would become the Great Leader, who would transform the world. We all knew he was a buffoon, with coiffed hair and dubious airs, a wanna-be tyrant fixated on commanding the attention of the world with exaggerated & ridiculous bravado. Yes, we laughed, unable to take this faux madman seriously, he was a product of the Media, a medial construction, role-playing, a circus act of performance.


The Impeachment has been high theater, a battle of epic arguments, a cry for justice, moments of catharsis, a last gasp effort to prevent a death-blow to democracy. And here we are, at the closing hour of this struggle for the ages, as deciding votes are being cast on whether or not the US Senate is still capable of protecting the rule of law.