The Dark Ugly Side of America

It’s as though a dark cloud has descended, a daily torrent of dystopic news unfolding: from the undoing of Roe v Wade, to the White House stonewalling of Congress, to new efforts to weaponize foreign propaganda for the 2020 Election Denouement. It never even seemed conceivable that the toxic effects of XTreme TRUMPology would inject such madness in the body politic, such that it would spread and infiltrate the impressionable minds of politicians, judges, and media zealots

Beyond the Edge of the Real

Perhaps this descent into a digitalized chaos, this immersion in the Torrent, this need to bathe in electronic particles that swirl around me, is my way of coping with the forces of XTreme TRUMPological Xcess that casts a dark cloud over us all.

He is Eating Your Soul

TRUMP has been analyzed, dissected, and deconstructed ad infinitum. The XTreme TRUMPological phenomenon is gradually eating away at our democracy, our way of life, our reality, or as James Comey poignantly points out, “if you are within range of his influence, he will eat your soul.” We must remind ourselves that this corruptive power of persuasion is dissolving the rational, ethical code we attempt to live by. For those who have no resistance, TRUMP eventually beats you down and destroys your grip on whatever it is that makes you human.

Better Living in an Unjust World

Just by chance I spotted Adam Weinberg at the opening of the 2005 Venice Biennale, high atop the floating WPS1 Venice radio station, having a pleasant afternoon cocktail chat, I would suppose, with a few of his art world comrades. It was an utterly sublime scene to say the least, enough to give anyone outside of this inside crowd a healthy dose of FOMO. Actually, the gentleman on the left looks eerily like Jeff Bezos, but who knows… all is serene & swell on the Grand Canal.

As I Sink Even Deeper into the Hypnosis of the Media Torrent

A thousand threads of pulsations + fragmentation course through from the Machine. All around + over + under, it seems to travel onwards and outwards. Sudden bursts of pure mediated energy resounds from deep inside of somewhere or nowhere from some unknown place in the ambient space.